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Established in 1984

Westbury Music Ltd is a leading independent publisher dedicated to contemporary music.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of the music industry, Westbury Music Ltd consistently stays ahead of the curve by exploring new avenues for artists to reach their audiences.

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Maximising income for our writers

Utilising our multi-territory deals to register works globally, ensuring our writers are paid fairly and fully. Building upon our long-standing relationships to create sync opportunities for our clients

How We Can Help

Creating opportunities and securing sync placements for our client’s music on a variety of media platforms, from film, TV, advertising and video games. Through our established relationships with production companies, ad agencies and music supervisors we’re always looking for new and exciting ways for your songs to be heard.
Licensing the publishing and master rights on our clients’ behalf to protect, gain exposure, and produce additional income for the creators of the music.
Clearing and licensing our client’s music for the creation of something new. Negotiation of terms to ensure the best deal for our songwriters and artists and provide full rights protection for their work.
Collection of royalties earned throughout the world for use of our clients’ music. We work closely with our sub-publishers to ensure that all income is collected and distributed fairly to our writers.
Registering the works of our writers globally, ensuring their rights are protected, and their songwriting splits are represented. Registering sound recordings on behalf of our master copyright holders, record labels and performers, protecting their rights and increasing income.
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“We are proud to champion diversity of music and artists, striving to represent some of the best music the industry has to offer.”

Westbury Music

Meet The Team

Jon Handle
Managing Director
Karen Crossan
Royalties and Licensing Manager
Lexi Clark
Copyright Manager
Baris Unlu
Copyright and Licensing Assistant

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